Y Vote 2014

Y Vote 2014

In May 2014, the European Parliament Elections will be held for the 8th time. At the time of the last European elections, voter turnout was low, especially among young people. The Y Vote 2014 project aims to reverse this trend by encouraging young people to get involved and to turn them into important actors of the upcoming European Parliament Elections.

The project consists of many different parts, such as youth conventions, bus tours, training events and local activities throughout Europe. Furthermore, a special Voting Guide for young people is being developed that will be accessible online. For more information about each of these topics, please visit the relevant pages on the site and make sure you visit the site regularly to follow all updates.


Throughout Europe, the Y Vote 2014 project will organise conventions providing young people with a platform for a debate on the topics important to youth and to the EU.

Bus Tours

The Y Vote 2014 project will organise bus tours in Spain and the United Kingdom to raise awareness of the elections.

Local Activities

All over the AEGEE network, antennae will organise activities for their members that focus on the upcoming EP elections. Members will also be prepared to set up these activities at special training events.

Voting Guide

A guide is currently being developed, aimed at informing young and first-time voters about the EU, voting procedures and the stance of the European Political Parties on different issues that concern youth. The guide will be available online as well as in hard copies.

Do you?

  • Do you think that young people are not aware enough of the impact of the European Union on their daily lives?
  • Do you think that there is a strong lack of interest of young people towards traditional decision-making processes, such as elections?
  • Do you think that there is a lack of clarity and transparency regarding the European Parliament elections as well as the messages from the European political groups?
  • Do you think the European elections are too often framed into a national perspective and lack a real European dimension?
  • Do you think that participation of young people in the elections, especially the European Parliament elections 2014, is one of the ways to give Europe more legitimacy, more visibility and more strength?
  • Do you think the European Parliament elections 2014 is a way of winning back trust from citizens towards the European project?

We do.