Europe on Track

Is Europe on the right track? – Not at all!


Dec 20, 2012

In Madrid after a lively discussion with AEGEE-Madrid about the problems of youth in Spain, we attended a meeting with Ricardo Ibarra Roca, head of the Spanish Youth Council and Marco Dosantos, a representative of a Spanish organisation for LGBT-Rights. They explained the political situation from their perspective, stressing out the difficulties the youth organisations are […]

From Bilbao to Madrid – the Crisis in Spain


Dec 19, 2012

In Bilbao Red Team stayed only one night, but had a chance to see the marvelous Guggenheim Museum. The city itself sets an unusual example of blending traditional and modern, a startling coexistence of conventional and extraordinary. No surprise, this is clearly visible in the general mindset of people; even living in a country that […]

The new kid in town – Cluj-Napoca


Dec 12, 2012

“People need to come to Romania to see what it is really like”, said Monika (26, Social media management), so we followed her advice. From almost-EU-member Croatia we doubled backed along Lake Balaton to Budapest where we picked up our Europe on Track flag, before setting out again to enter the — for the moment […]

Young Entrepreneurs – Lyon by Light


Dec 12, 2012

In Lyon Team Red had a discussion in Cooperation with the local University group of „Esprit critique“, a group that promotes Media competition among young people, so they get the means to inform and express themselves. In this discussion 20 AEGEE members from all over Europe participated actively. Among other things they debated on topics […]

When school doesn’t teach you everything – Zagreb


Dec 10, 2012

When you want to hear young people complain, ask them about their education. This is something which we have learned early on during this Europe on Track project. Wherever we have gone, the same shortcomings of the formal education system have been reiterated. While it does teach you a lot about the topic of your […]

The shortcut to sustainability


Dec 10, 2012

In our post from Berlin, we introduced the three most frequently cited obstacles encountered by young people on the road to sustainability—lack of information, time, and money. So now that we have identified the main problems, let’s take a look at the current efforts of young people, and some possible solutions they are offering. First, […]

A way to tackle youth unemployment – in Italy


Dec 09, 2012

„Europe does not seem to be united these days and this is the root of many problems. For the greater integration of Europe there is a need for knowledge, mobility, exchanges among the people and young people are the ones doing that. Still it is a shame that they are often excluded from the decision-making […]

Budapest: East, Central or West?


Dec 08, 2012

The central question to our project is “Where is Europe heading?” For many young people, this is inextricably linked to the question where their own country is heading. In a country with a troubled past—and a lot would say also present—such as Hungary, this is not always an easy question to answer. This is why […]

History is part of the story – Bratislava


Dec 07, 2012

When on the road, one encounter often leads to another. A week ago we were at the Against Hate Speech Online event by AEGEE-Katowice, where we met Lencka, one of the participants and a member of AEGEE-Bratislava. We started talking about Europe on Track, she asked if we were coming to Slovakia, and before long, […]

Educate yourself!


Dec 07, 2012

Erasmus, Bologna, mobility. The air is full of buzzwords on the form of our education. But what about the content? Does our education system prepare young people for their role in society? Does it give them awareness, interest, and tools for the bigger things in life? A better chance at finding a job? “You learn […]