Board of Directors

Comité Directeur 2016/17

You can find below the list of the members of AEGEE-Europe’s Board of Directors, the Comité Directeur 2016/2017, along with their main tasks and responsibilities. To contact any of them, please visit the Contact page.


Réka Salamon

    • Coordination of the external representation of AEGEE in the European Institutions (Parliament, Commission, Council of the EU), platforms (European Youth Forum, European Civic Forum, Civil Society Europe), United Nations, OSCE and UNESCO
    • Coordination of the policy & advocacy strategy of AEGEE
    • Cooperation with the alumni network and patrons of AEGEE
    • Support and management of the work of the Comite Directeur of AEGEE-Europe

Secretary General

Katarzyna Sokołowska

  • Administration of the head office of AEGEE-Europe
  • Staff management of the office
  • Responsible for institutional fundraising
  • Support other board members

Financial Director

Zvonimir Canjuga

  • Administration of the finances of AEGEE-Europe
  • Management of the bookkeeping, financial reports, budgets of the association, control of the expenditures
  • Coordination and establishment of corporate partnerships
  • Supporting the Quality Assurance in AEGEE
  • Responsible for the EUth Project

Vice-President and External Relations Director

Maarten de Groot

  • Coordination of the development of policy documents
  • Coordination of external relations and advocacy processes
  • Responsible for the development of the Strategic Plan 2017-2020
  • Responsible for activities related to European integration and democracy

Projects and Communications Director

Joanna Pankowska

  • Coordination of the internal and external communication strategies of AEGEE-Europe
  • Creation and supervision of the content on AEGEE-Europe’s communication channels
  • Coordination of AEGEE projects and thematic activities
  • Supporting AEGEE Working Groups on the thematic fields

Human Resources Director

Evangelia Touska

  • Preparation of statutory meetings
  • Internal education strategy of the network
  • Development of online trainings
  • Non-Formal Education responsible

Network Director

Tekla Hajdu

  • Keeping an overview of the AEGEE-Network, updating databases and ensuring the development of the local branches in collaboration with Network Commission
  • Coordinating the Strategic Plan and Action Agenda of AEGEE-Europe