Audit Commission

Audit Commission (AC)


Contact information:

Basic Information

Main aims and tasks:

  • Checking the bookkeeping of AEGEE-Europe, AEGEE locals, AEGEE Working Groups and AEGEE-Europe events
  • Approving the financial reports of AEGEE-Europe, AEGEE locals, AEGEE Working Groups and AEGEE-Europe events
  • Presenting their findings at each Agora


The AC checks the accounting of AEGEE-Europe and AEGEE locals (in special cases) and presents their findings at each Agora. They collect and check the Financial Reports of antennae and Working Groups, which are to be sent each year (January-February).

Getting Involved

The Audit Commission is composed of three financially competent AEGEE members, elected at the Agora, who are not members of the Comité Directeur. Furthermore, the Audit Commission has job shadowers, who are chosen according to the needs of the AC, via open calls.