Action Agenda Coordination Committee

Action Agenda Coordination Committee

Contact information:

Basic Information

Established in: 2011

Main aims and tasks:

  • Have an overview of the implementation of Action Agenda
  • Give locals guidelines and examples of best practises on how to implement objectives
  • Collect best practises and feedback from the network


  • Encouraging antennae to implement objectives from the Action Agenda


With the new Strategic Plan and its Action Agenda it is important that someone has an overview what has Network already implemented and what still needs to be implemented. The Action Agenda Coordination Committee (ACT) was created in order to have an overview of that and support locals with all the help they might need concerning content ideas.

Getting Involved

As a regular member:

Send a letter of interest to the Projects Director. No previous experience is needed. Only thing required is motivation to work. Only difference between a speaker and a regular member is that the speaker has to have an overview of the work of ACT and inform Projects Director about that.


Projects Director from the team elects the speaker.

Working methods:

Emails, Sharing data systems (Google docs, dropbox, etc.)

Amount of work required:

8-10 hours a week for everyone in the team.